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Volume 04 - Issue 03 (March 2019)

Using the Optimal Design for the Vehicle Dynamics to Achieve Maximum Tire’s Friction Force in Rear Axle
Nguyen Le Chau Thanh, Hoang Thang, Nguyen Hoai, Nguyen Cong Vinh
International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications, pp 01 - 06, Vol 04 - No. 03, 2019
In this paper, creating the optimization design to find the vehicle’s parameters such as car’s speed, v; displacement from front-end to focus point, a; the height of focus point hg and the acceleration of the car’s body at the maximum rear axle tire’s friction force, j. Beside, getting the maximum tire’s friction force has a major profit in vehicle motive characteristic. It improves the quality of the braking and upgrades the drag feature of the car. We use the Matlab software and Excel Slove to calculator the parameter of the car base on optimal algorithm. Results received on two method which are original nonlinear and linearization with Simplex method depend on initial condition. Parameters after optimization can be actual application on real car for comparison and to find the best results.
optimization, friction of tire, maximum friction force, Linearization, Optimum Design
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