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Volume 09 - Issue 07 (July 2024)

Flexible Hose Lining Applies in the Complex Site of Extreme Long Length and Numerous Bends
Shih Chien, Hsu || Yi Chun, Lai || Yao Min Fang
International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications, pp 01 - 10, Vol 09 - No. 07, 2024
Trenchless technologies apply to potable water pipeline was introduced to Taiwan in 1996. Most of them provide various pipe rehabilitation solutions for water mains. However, rehabilitation of small and medium diameters has always problems to pipeline utilities. In 2017, ISO-11295 introduced a new technology called "Lining with inserted hose” (flexible hose Sliplining) provide a good solution for small and medium dimeter rehabilitation Zhishan Road at Wai Shuangxi area in Shilin zone relies on the water supply from the Shuangxi Water Treatment Plant. Water source of Shuangxi is greatly affected by the dry season. Water supply jurisdiction lacks a backup mechanism, and the risk of water supply is relatively high. Therefore, to establish a backup water source for the Shuangxi Water Treatment Plant. Taipei Water Department intend to apply the water from the Huaxing Distributing Tank as the backup water source for the Shuangxi Water Treatment Plant. A 220mm diameter high-strength and flexible hose liner slip into the old Shuangxi raw water pipeline which path in the Jungle. Depending on the needs of the Shuangxi Water Treatment Plant, intermittently pressurized to improve the backup capacity of the water supply in the Shuangxi area and ensure the stability of the water supply. Case study describes a long length and multi-curved pulling project in the special surroundings of Jungle. Heavy machinery is impossible to approach and cannot provide any assistance, which is extremely difficult. Thanks for the anti-friction improvement facilities and following pulling strategies. The project finally completed. The project separated to two pulling sections that pass through an inverted siphons each, included a 52 meters elevation difference one. The sections lengths are 1,600M and 1,300M respectively, and connected the two sections by 120M open cut. The 1600M long length pulling is the longest single pulling case in the world by Lining with inserted hose.
Trenchless Technologies, Pipeline Rehabilitation, Backup Water Source
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