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Volume 05 - Issue 10 (October 2020)

Internet of Things Base Smart Card Authentication Device for Smart Class Room Concept
Kadek Suar Wibawa, I Made Sunia Raharja
International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications, pp 01 - 08, Vol 05 - No. 10, 2020
A smart classroom is a modern concept in the world of education. This concept has become a trend as a result of the direction of the industrial revolution 4.0. Internet of things technology as one of the foundations for the 4.0 industrial revolution provides convenience in service access, device interconnection, and system development. Centralized access to the smart class can facilitate service management and tracking of class users. NFC technology offers easy system user authentication. The user ID card device's design using the Mifare Classic NFC Tag with a storage capacity of 4Kbyte can provide a solution for modern smart class access. Mapping done on the Electronic Identity Card can store identity, security authentication, and user photos. Authentication was successfully performed with an average access time of 5.408 seconds using 8 test samples. The user's identity card still leaves 1,104 KB of space for other specific needs.
Internet of Things,Electronic ID card authentication, Smart Class Room
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