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Volume 04 - Issue 02 (February 2019)

Does the Kinesio Taping Method Associated with Exercises Reduce whe Hallux Valgus Angle? A Therapeutic Proposal
Gabriela Lago Schmitt, Bruno Dos Santos Souza, Gabriel Gustavo Lunardi De Almeida, João Carlos Comel
International Journal of Latest Engineering Research and Applications, pp 01 - 08, Vol 04 - No. 02, 2019
Introduction: The hallux valgus is a deformity that distorts the halluxlaterally and the first metatarsus medially. Studies show that the risk factors for the development of the pathology are family history, high-heeled footwear and long first metatarsus.
Objective: Evaluate the set of effects obtained with the use of kinesio taping ® bandage associated to the performance of specific exercises to correct the angle of hallux valgus deviation and referred pain.
Materials and Methods: The sample consisted of 20 women, from 20 to 60 years of age, who presented hallux angle>20º. Participants were submitted to pre and post-intervention evaluation by means of biophoto grammetric analysis of the hallux, evaluation form and a Foot Function Index questionnaire. Participants practiced foot exercises three times a week and cameto the institution weekly for kinesio taping® bandage.
Results: Data analysis revealed statistical mean during the pre intervention phase: 27.74 ± 7.18 right hallux and 31.21 ± 9.06 left hallux. The post intervention phaserevealed the following values: 22.55 ± 3.90 right hallux and 24.38 ± 3.28 left hallux (p ≤ 0.05). The Foot Function Index showed a decrease in values duringpre intervention, being 81±50.66 and,in the post intervention, the values were 26.09±37.91, p=0.04.
Conclusion: The use of kinesio taping® bandage associated with exercises proved to be an effective procedure in the treatment of hallux valgus showing a reduction in hallux valgus angle and pain levels respectively.
Hallux Valgus, Athletic Tape, Exercise therapy.
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